We have done illustrations for industry, technical and photorealistic. Cartoon style for the State of Florida Department of Health and drawings for the Florida Lottery. Click on each to enlarge.

Deusenberg Illustration by Gelhardt
Climber by Gelhardt
Mime by Gelhardt
King Tut by Gelhardt
Whole Grain Choo Choo - Department Of Health
Whole Grain Choo Choo
Florida Lottery Illustration
Nic's Toggery Illustration
Airbrush Legs by Gelhardt
Panthers Helmet Tractor Semi by Gelhardt Hitachi Air-Gun Break-away by Gelhardt
Peanut Brittle Illustration
Pecan Brittle Illustration
3-D Illustration by Gelhardt
3-D Illustration by Gelhardt
Freddie Frog by Gelhardt Wodmont Retirement Home Illustration Lottery Building Illustration St. George Housing Illustration